Engaging the Work of Love: Imago Relationship Therapy with Deb Spoors, CIRT
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Imago Services: Workshops, Couples Therapy, and Speaking Engagements

Imago Workshops: Three Options

1) Weekend Intensive Workshop for Couples

This is an intensive workshop designed for one couple. The workshop provides utmost privacy and confidentiality, and, because it can be scheduled around you and your partner's lifestyle, offers the greatest flexibility. The intensive workshop is presented over either one or two days.

2) Integrated Weekend Couples Workshop

*While similar to the weekend intensive workshop, this couples workshop is designed to provide the benefits of both one-on-one and group dynamics. These workshops integrate the healing of more than one committed partnership. Please note that you need not have a group of couple organized in advance in order to register for this option. The registration process is simply open to multiple couples.*

This couples workshop is presented over a weekend, spanning either two or two and a half days. You will be shown how to create a healing environment within your committed relationship. This workshop has the potential to correct lifetime distortions and guide couples on a loving and healing path toward greater intimacy and wholeness.

This is a psycho-educational workshop, and is not intended to serve as therapy. The weekend will include lectures, guided imagery, and both written and experiential exercises. You will be provided a workbook for use during and after the workshop. While couples are invited to share with the group as a way to help build a supportive atmosphere, they are also encouraged to honor the intimacy of their relationship. Toward this end, this workshop emphasizes partners sharing privately with each other. Confidentiality is maintained in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Professional support is available throughout the weekend.

These workshops are right for you if...

  • you are beginning a new relationship and you are committed to doing things differently this time
  • you are in a great relationship and are committed to keeping it alive and fresh
  • you want to enrich a relationship that seems stale and missing the "spark" of earlier times
  • you are in a difficult relationship and want to resolve longstanding conflicts
  • you are questioning a break-up and want to make a conscious decision for the future

Your participation will give you...

  • greater compassion and understanding of yourself and your partner
  • awareness of how to use your relationship for mutual healing and fulfillment
  • new communication skills to break destructive cycles of relating
  • ideas for re-establishing the excitement and connection of your early time together
  • the benefit of three to six months of couples therapy--in just two days
  • a better understanding of the unconscious forces that attract you

3) Short Term Group Workshops

Getting the Love You Want: The Four-Week Mini Series

Session One: Are You Really Real?

Session Two: Sometimes I Am So Frustrated With You!

Session Three: What I Love Most About Being Your Partner Is...

Session Four: When I Think Of Our Future...

Designed to be presented over four consecutive weeks (two hours per weekly session), this mini-series is perfect for groups of all kinds, including church groups. Participants will gain the benefits of the more intensive weekend workshops on a time frame that works with their busy lifestyle.
Contact Deb for scheduling, fees, and for more information.

Imago Couples Therapy

6-/8-/12-Week Imago Couples Therapy

Imago Couples Therapy takes place over a series of weeks (typically either six, eight, or twelve). As a couple, you and your partner will commit to a series of therapy sessions designed to help you come to greater clarity and understanding about one another and about the relationship itself. You will practice and gain skills and insights to help you continue to strengthen and deepen your relationship after the formal therapy has been concluded.

An example of a six week series might look like this:

Week One: The Cosmic Journey, the Brain, and Couples Dialogue

The first session will be critical in beginning to build a safe place to engage in therapy. This session will contextualize your relationship by revealing the ways in which our partner choices reflect our own psychological needs, and begin to examine the dynamics of disagreement and dialogue within the current relationship.

Week Two: Development, Childhood Wounds, and Mate Selection

In the second session, you and your therapist will continue to work on developing communication skills. Guided imagery sessions may be used to help you and your partner begin to identify troubling aspects/memories of childhood and to re-imagine the present relationship.

Week Three: Developing Empathy and Re-Imaging the Partners

Having fully grasped the principles of effective dialogue, you and your partner will work toward developing empathy for one another by recognizing that you are allies--working with, and not against, one another. Use of the Imago forms will help each of you to visualize the traits that drew you to one another, and to see the ways in which these traits link back to early care-taker traits.

Week Four: Re-Romanticizing the Relationship

In this session, you and your partner will check the levels of empathy being developed. Attention will be paid to the importance of emotional safety, and the ways in which pleasure enhances feelings of safety. You will talk through and make lists of behavior that makes each of you feel cared for and safe, and learn the importance of daily laughter as a way to increase feelings of safety and well-being.

Week Five: Re-Structuring Frustrations

After learning about how to increase empathy and feelings of safety, you and your partner will learn helpful ways of addressing points of frustration in relationship. You will learn that all frustration is a negative statement of desire, and begin to see these expressions as "blueprints for growth"--both your own, and your partner's. Your therapist will remind you that change is slow, and not always easy, but that together you and your partner can work through these challenges.

Week Six: Resolving Rage

In the safety of a contained therapeutic environment, you and your partner will practice expressing deep anger and rage. You will come to understand the hurt that underlies these emotions, and learn to listen to the hurt being expressed rather than reacting to the anger. Finally, you, your partner, and your therapist will work to develop a follow-up plan and commit to continuing to use the Imago principles as your relationship grows and develops.

Speaking Engagements

As an alternative to formal Imago workshops or therapy, Deb is available on an ongoing basis as a speaker for clubs, church groups, community centers, or other organizations. She recently participated in a popular speaker series at G.I.F.T. in Grand Rapids, speaking on the following topic:

“How to BE in the Relationship of Your Life”

What does it take to make a relationship work--any relationship, all relationships? Listening to the media provides a jaded viewpoint of permissive boundaries and shallow expectations. There is a way to build a solid, loving relationship, but most of us require some remedial support. This is an interactive workshop designed to help the participants build a new skill set that includes BEING Conscious, BEING Adult, and BEING Attached. The workshop will outline the elements of the skill set, allow for discussion, and result in the construction of a BEING Plan.

Deb has had years of experience as a speaker for both small and large groups, and attendees consistently report an increased sense of self- and relationship-awareness following these talks.

Contact Deb for scheduling, fees, or for more information.

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